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Economic intelligence

Quarterly, EURATEX monitors economic developments affecting the T&C industry, including EU evolution of short-terms indexes on production, turnover, employment, domestic output prices, retail sales as well as trade developments in intra and extra-EU markets.


Detailed trade statistics on specific products/countries can be ordered through the Textile and Clothing Information Centre.                                 

  • EURATEX publishes 4 electronic Bulletins per year providing detailed reports on the EU T&C industry development as well as selected snapshots on worldwide changes and challenges in the T&C industry 
  • EURATEX make available industry structural data by EU Member States summarised in an annual leaflet covering the main trends of the T&C sector over a ten-year period.
  • EURATEX provides information and guidance to members on industry statistics and nomenclatures, and elaborates papers for use in contacts with specific need from the membership, the European Institutions and projects. 
  • EURATEX closely follows the work on European and International nomenclatures carried out by the Commission/Member States and the World Custom Organisation. It coordinates Members’ proposals to amend such classifications in order to adapt them to the economic reality and to better respond to statistical users’ needs. One major task is to ensure that simplification measures proposed within the Community statistical field is not going to damage the quality and availability of EU statistics.



Contact: roberta.adinolfi(at)

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