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Energy Made-to-Measure


EURATEX initiates Energy Made-to-Measure information campaign is running by 2016 to empower over 300 companies, notably SMEs, to become more energy efficient.


What is it? 

Energy Made-to-Measure is a campaign designed to pursue energy efficiency in the textile and clothing industry. It collects and brings resources and information to companies, enabling them to take action. Click here to access free of charge tools. 


Energy efficiency is a subject of critical importance for the textile and clothing industry, for the other sectors and for the society in general. A number of high quality actions are launched to bring real benefits to the companies - tools, best practises and innovative solutions. Energy Made-to-Measure campaign aims to provide European textile and clothing companies with high quality information on relevant energy efficiency actions. It also promotes synergies between different actions to maximise the actual impact.


Who is involved?

Energy Made-to-Measure is initiated by EURATEX  in collaboration with ENEA and other organisations across Europe, notably partners of three European collaborative projects SESEC (promoting energy efficiency in the clothing industry), ARTISAN and SET (promoting energy efficiency in textile manufacturing).


Energy Made-to-Measure will be intensified as of 2015 thanks to new collaboration with both the German textile Machinery Association's (VDMA) Blue Competence initiative and the Sustainable Technologies project  of the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers (ACIMIT). Two separate Memorandums of Understanding have just been signed for these actions to join efforts with the campaign for the benefit of the European companies. Read more here


What does it bring to T&C companies?

Energy Made-to-Measure does not create original contents but selects and brings together the outcomes of successful actions to provide (free of charge) companies with:


·       information on legal aspects of energy efficiency

·       overview of financial incentives for energy efficiency

·       self-assessment software tools

·       access to training

·       LinkedIn group for quick access to latest info


 Energy Made-to-Measure in media

Past events

In 2014, more than 20 public events took place in 8 countries to make some 500 professionals meet and discuss opportunities to spare energy and cut costs for a more efficient, sustainable manufacturing, see in detail




Real time updates: Energy Made-to-Measure on LinkedIn


Contact: Mauro Scalia mauro.scalia(at)