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Textile & Clothing International Conference

Free Trade and International Agreements – benefits and challenges for the textile and clothing industry


EURATEX, the European Apparel and Textile Confederation, is honoured to host the international textile and clothing conference ‘Free Trade and International Agreements’ on 5 June 2014 in Brussels. The conference is aimed to initiate the open debate on Free Trade and International Agreements’ influence on the world markets of the textile and clothing sector.


The international textile and clothing conference will bring together policymakers, experts and stakeholders to start a debate on the impact of global trade policies, particularly FTAs, on textile and clothing sector. About 20 prominent speakers from 20 different countries across the world will come to Brussels to discuss the current challenges and opportunities for the national industries and international brands.


A special session will be devoted to the evaluation of impact of the currently enforced FTAs. The high-level representatives of Turkish, Korean and African national textile and clothing federations and leading companies will ensure a valuable and motivating exchange of views. The speakers from Japanese, Canadian, Indian, Brazilian and Taiwan textile and apparel industries will contribute to an unprecedented discussion on the impact of the future FTAs on the textile and clothing sector.



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Press Release

Press Information, 6 June 2014





Alberto Paccanelli, EURATEX President

Gildas Minvielle, Institut Français de la Mode


Session 2

Francesco Marchi, Director General of EURATEX

B.H Kim, International Cooperation & trade team director from the Korean Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI)

Kenan Koç, Board Member from the Turkish Textile Employers’ Association (TTEA)

Rajeev Arora, Executive Director of the African Cotton & Textile Industries Association (ACTIF)

Bernd Stadtler, Head of International Customs Affairs of Hugo Boss


Session 3

H. Bekke, Secretary General of the International Apparel Federation (IAF)

Hideshi Ueda, Executive Vice President of Japan Textile Association (JTF) and Japan Chemical Fibers Association (JCFA)

Fernando Pimentel Director General of Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (ABIT)

Justin Huang, Secretary General of Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF)

Rahul Mehta, President - Clothing Manufacturers' Association (CMAI)

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