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Energy Made-to-Measure at ITMA

Milan, Italy

18 November 2015


Participants: 100+

Project: SET


Memorable quote: “To remain competitive, the European companies have to be highly innovative in their products and processes. Nowadays, sustainable production becomes an integral part of the companies’ business strategy” EURATEX President Serge Piolat


The SET project was duly represented at ITMA – the world major trade fair for textile machinery and professionals, held on 12-19 November 2015 in Milan, Italy. First of all, the results and developments of the Energy Made-to-Measure and particularly of the SET project, were presented at the international press conference organized by the Italian textile machinery association ACIMIT on 15 November.   


As well, the SET results were promoted during 4th EURATEX Convention held on 18 November targeting broad participation of the Italian textile and fashion companies. The Convention was dedicated to sustainable innovation of the European textile and clothing sector. The event held in the venues of ITMA fair had broad international participation – among more than 100 guests there were representatives of business, research centres, industry associations and media from more than 20 countries.


Three examples of successful sustainable initiatives were brought to the attention of the audience. Stefan Schmidt from IVGT informed the Convention participants about the achievements of the SET project aimed to help textile SMEs all over Europe to improve their energy efficiency and cut production costs. He underlined that companies should also be informed about the upcoming legal aspects and financial incentives of energy efficiency.


Mr Schmidt invited all participants to test the ESET tools with an app available on a tablet. The app was specifically developed for such occasions, it comprises some basic data and creates the web diagrams to demonstrate to the potential users the SET energy efficiency tools.  Thus, during the networking pauses, a few company representatives filled in the necessary information and made sure that the ESET tools give valuable and comprehensive information for company’s managers.  


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