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Energy Made-to-Measure in Portugal

Porto, Portugal

21, 27, 28 January 2016


Participants: 8

Project: SET


CITEVE hosted the SET event at the end of January, it was divided in two separate sessions with representatives of companies that showed interest in participating in the project.


The first session took place on January 21st with participation of eight companies. This workshop totally devoted to the SET project and importance of energy efficiency in the textile industry. The first hour of this session was devoted to the presentation to companies of the relevant information about most common opportunities to improve energy efficiency in textile manufacturing, the legal obligations companies shall comply with and available financial incentives to implement efficiency measures. During the second part of the meeting, the SET project was presented, its objectives and the main outcomes. The SET tools were fully explained and demonstrated to the company representatives.


The second session took place on the 27th and 28th of January and was a practical SET tools application session. Companies were invited to bring their real data and apply SET with the help of CITEVE technicians. This session was split into two days to provide each company with the closest possible support. Eight companies participated in this session, four in each day and at the end of the session the participants were able to apply the tool themselves. The companies provided feedback about the SET tools. The feedback was positive. At the end of first session the companies were truly satisfied with the provided information, specially about financial incentives for energy efficiency, which were completely unknown before for some of them. From the second session the companies agreed that the SET has a real added value also in the benchmarking.


Agenda in Portuguese