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Energy Made-to-Measure in Como, Italy

Como, Italy

4 May 2016


Participants: 18

Project: SET


Memorable quote: "The possibility to compare our performance with a set of anonymous firms very close to our technologies is an incentive to improve our efficiency"


The Energy Made-to-Measure campaign recently stopped Como with a workshop coorganised by ENEA and the local industry association - Unindustria Como. Financed with funds from the European project SET (Saving Energy in Textiles SMEs), SET Tool is the subject of the campaign which will be carried out by ENEA through tours to the main Italian textile districts. The objective is to involve small and medium sized enterprises in a strategy of growth based on sustainable production and energy efficiency in one of the most energy-intensive manufacturing sectors.


Piero de Sabbata, project coordinator for ENEA, commented: “Energy efficiency strongly depends both on organisational aspects and the so-called auxiliary systems (technical fluids, illumination, etc.). Companies have a significant amount of data on energy and production, fragmented across different functions, that if organized and synthesized can provide useful information on the company management.”


SET Tool is downloadable at and is part of the ENEA Atlas of Technological Innovation, containing over 500 among advanced services, solutions and products available to companies, the Public Administration and citizens.


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