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The EU flagship initiative on the garment sector - EURATEX considerations

Human rights violations in factories shall not be tolerated. Abuses and working conditions breaching core ILO standards shall be stopped wherever they take place.Read more


Joint Declaration for an ambitious EU industrial strategy

Europe is the cradle of the manufacturing industry and has been at the forefront of industrialrevolutions and technological innovations. The industry directly employs over 34 million people acrossall Member States, in supply chains comprising hundreds of thousands of SMEs and larger suppliers. Italso indirectly accounts for millions of additional jobs in related sectors.The European manufacturing industry has tremendous capacity for research and innovation, boasts askilled workforce and has earned a global reputation for quality and sustainability. What it now needsis the swift and determined...Read more



“Further to the Commission’s proposal to change the antidumping and anti-subsidy legislation, Euratex highlights the need to tackle trade barriers in China and to address sector-specific topics, such as the overcapacities in the man-made fibres and yarns production.”

Position PaperRead more


The EU flagship initiative on the garment sector - Euratex position

Considerations on the EU Garment initiative - Euratex, the European Textile and Apparel confederation, welcomes the efforts of the European Commission and the European Parliament to improve the global garment supply chains. With regards to the specific EU Garment initiative, Euratex wishes to draw the attention on the following 8 considerations....Read moreRead more


Euratex with several business groups express their continued support for TTIP negotiations

The undersigned trade associations reiterate their strong support for the ongoing negotiations for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Both the European Commission and the U.S. Trade Representative have underlined that the TTIP negotiations remain on track and that intensive efforts are ongoing to conclude an ambitious agreement. Business groups on both sides of the Atlantic remain ready and willing to engage with all stakeholders to support these efforts.......Joint StatementRead more


Response to public consultation on possible restriction of hazardous substances

22 March 2016Read more



Euratex would like to emphasize that the textile and clothing products are part of this one third of industrial goods for which US MFN tariffs are far above 5%, with some peak tariffs (e.g. 11.4% for sewing thread of man-made filaments, 14.7% for woven fabrics of cotton or 28.6% for trousers and 32% for T-shirts). Against this background, rules of origin are a key issue for the EU textile & clothing sector. Simplifying the rules is certainly a good prerequisite but making it adapted enough to the industry patterns will allow EU companies to gain the most benefits from...Read more


New Study on Hazardous Substances in Textile Products - EURATEX-ETAD JOINT POSITION

The undersigned find that the study shows a well-balanced approach to the issue of chemicals and textile and provide a useful general overview of the current situation. The prioritization method is reasonable and based not only on the classification of the substances (as many other studies did in the past) but also on additional aspects like toxicity and estimated consumer exposure.......    

Position Paper - Final ReportRead more


REACH - Joint Industry Views on the DU Notification for Authorised Uses - Art 66

After an authorisation has been granted for a specific substance and a specific use, holders of an authorisation as well as downstream users referred to it have to comply with some obligations.

According to Art 65 of REACH - The holders and downstream users shall include the authorisation number on the label before they place the substance or preparation containing the substance on the market for an authorised use without prejudice to Directive 67/548/EEC and Directive 1999/45/EC. This shall be done without delay once the authorisation number has been made publicly available in accordance...Read more


EURATEX ‐ ETAD ‐ TEGEWA - Common Position on the Swedish Chemical Agency Discussion Paper for the 16th CARACAL Meeting

“Strengthening the Existing Information Requirements in Reach and Exploring the Possibilities of Labelling Hazardous Substances in Textiles”

In the recently published discussion paper “Strengthening the existing information requirements in Reach and exploring the possibilities of labelling hazardous substances in textiles” the Swedish Chemicals Agency expressed concerns over the potential hazardous substances in textile products and related risks to consumers and called on the labelling of textile products containing hazardous chemicals through the revision of the scope of the Regulation...Read more

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