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EURATEX position paper on the outcome of REACH REFIT

EURATEX welcomes the objective of REACH to protect human health and the environment and to promote innovation for companies. Since its entry into force almost 10 years ago, REACH has significantly impacted the European chemicals policy.

As the Second REACH evaluation has been completed highlighting key action points, EURATEX wishes to draw attention on the following considerations:1) Impact of the REACH 2018 registration deadline on the EU textile and clothing sector

 2) REACH enforcement and level playing field

 3) REACH as an innovation booster rather than inhibitor

 4)...Read more


Joint Position Paper on validity of test reports for issuing EU type-examination certificates

Euratex, along with ESF, ETSA, FESI and SME Safety, release a position paper on validity of test reports for the issuing of EU type-examination certificates in the scope of the PPE Regulation. 5 years validity of test reports with no maximum limit should apply to PPE products. The need of harmonized practices throughout the European market is of most importance for the industry.


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For an Ambitious EU Industrial Strategy - Going Further

7 new Associations joined the #Industry4Europe coalition. We are now 126. Check here the new Joint Paper in reaction to the Communication of the European Commission on "Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry: A renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy".


For an Ambitious EU Industrial Strategy Read more



EURATEX considerations on EC public consultation “Investigating options for

reducing releases to the environment of microplastics”

Summary of EURATEX consideration in October 2017

(Full position paper available at EURATEX)Read more


Position paper - The transitional provisions laid down in Article 47 of PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

We, as representatives of the European PPE industry, strongly advocate for a smooth transition period from the Directive 89/686/EEC to the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

The PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 was published in March 2016, starting its two-year transition period to replace the current Directive 89/686/EEC and shall apply from April 2018. However, there is no consensus among the European Commission and the industry on the interpretation of the transitional provisions laid down in Article 47...

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The EU28 textile and clothing industry is one of the major industries in the EU. With 1.7 million workers, it generated a total turn-over of 171 billion € in 2016. European textile and clothing companies are globally leading, regarding technical textiles, sophisticated high-quality yarns and fibres, as well as high-end apparel goods.

The U.K. lies in 3rd place when ranking the EU27s most important trade partners in textile and clothing goods. On average the U.K. imported products almost 10 billion € worth from the EU 27, while its exports amounted to 6.2 billion € in the same period (2014 -...Read more


POLICY BRIEF - Prospering in the circular Economy


The need for a Circular Economy is becoming widely acknowledged across Europe and it is addressed by businesses, society and policy makers; initiatives are booming. 

Reducing waste, combined with an intelligent use of resources, has the potential to solve the gap resulting from natural resource scar­city and global growing population or consumption. 

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EURATEX supports EU industries statement on FP9

An Ambitious FP9 Strengthening Europe’s Industrial Leadership – Joint Declaration by Industry and RTOs 


We, the undersigned associations representing European key industrial research and innovation stakeholders, call on the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union to develop an ambitious next EU Research & Innovation Framework Programme (FP9) as a strong support for EU industrial leadership.

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The EU flagship initiative on the garment sector - EURATEX considerations

Human rights violations in factories shall not be tolerated. Abuses and working conditions breaching core ILO standards shall be stopped wherever they take place.Read more


Joint Declaration for an ambitious EU industrial strategy

Europe is the cradle of the manufacturing industry and has been at the forefront of industrialrevolutions and technological innovations. The industry directly employs over 34 million people acrossall Member States, in supply chains comprising hundreds of thousands of SMEs and larger suppliers. Italso indirectly accounts for millions of additional jobs in related sectors.The European manufacturing industry has tremendous capacity for research and innovation, boasts askilled workforce and has earned a global reputation for quality and sustainability. What it now needsis the swift and determined...Read more

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