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Euratex Annual Report - 2017

Free and fair trade between key global trading partners.


With this call I opened our General Assembly in June 2017, which showcased the EURATEX efforts towards an EU industrial policy supporting production and export of our sustainable products.


Sustainability is a value for our society, driving choices in consumers, businesses and policy-makers, and has become the new quality for many of our companies. In addition to ensuring high quality standards, the textile and clothing entrepreneurs opt for more sustainable goods and production processes as a key factor for their competitiveness.  


To encourage sustainability and, more specifically, to prosper in a Circular Economy, EURATEX and its Members have worked closely on a new industry manifesto. The document highlights opportunities and challenges of the textile and clothing sector in its move from a linear to a circular model: the way industries produce items, people use products, and society manages the limited resources available. The manifesto also emphasizes how the European textile and apparel industry must work together with its business partners, diverse industries and policy-makers, to allow the transition to happen.


The year 2017 showed, for the first time in over a decade, positive figures in all major economic indicators: rise in companies, investments, jobs created in Europe, and more wealth generated by our sector. These numbers encourage us all to achieve even more, and illustrate the role of the textile and apparel industry as a strategic asset for Europe, as well as the benefits of investing in a sustainable industry. 


Today, the EU policies fostering growth and jobs are pointing in the right direction, but once again we must stress that more must be done to improve access to finance, especially for smaller companies and more riskier investments into innovation; to better reward companies investing in resource-efficiency, circularity and safety; to ensure that innovative, sustainable and safe products from European factories meet level playing field when competing in the EU internal market. 


Klaus Huneke, President of EURATEX

Euratex Annual Report 2017