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Bio-based textile innovations

Techtextil presents many sustainable fibers - Revolutionary innovations are to be expected for the next decade on the interface between biology and technology.


This applies both to the basic materials for the synthetic materials industry and the packaging industry and for the manufacturing mechanisms in the textile industry as well. By every process which uses renewable resources and bio-technological procedures with the aim of producing materials or affecting their characteristics, the biologization of industry is moving forward. An increasing number of projects are aimed at replacing conventional materials used so far with bio-based solutions.


At the same time, we are going to be faced in the next decade with a considerable shortage of resources and a reorientation of the mobility concepts. The success of the electromobility will depend decisively on how the designers will be successful in reducing the weight of the cars. The use of lightweight materials will play a very important role in this context. This is why in the past years heavy metal structural components have been more and more replaced with fiber-reinforced synthetic parts which are increasingly based on renewable raw materials thus helping to improve the carbon footprint considerably........

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