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Melliand International on Energy Made-to-Measure campaign

Where is energy used in my company? Where is it lost? When and why? What are the options and how long to repay the investment? What do the others do beyond the border? These, often un-addressed, questions represent information failures which block investments on energy savings. About 99 % of textile and clothing companies are SME’s, which implies the majority can hardly employ a skilled energy manger or distract the little staff from primary tasks to quantify potential savings, seek opportunities or just do data monitoring.


In 2014, Euratex in collaboration with dozens of organizations across Europe launches Energy Made-to-Measure (EM2M) to provide the sector companies with tools, best practices and training to assess options and take informed decisions on energy efficiency measures. EM2M addresses information failures in a broad sense and chiefly from the perspective of the European textile/clothing manufacturing companies. The campaign does not create original contents but brings together high quality outcomes and promote them under a common branding for managers to discover and exploit such results.


In its first year EM2M campaign focused on three international projects on textile/clothing manufacturing co-funded by the European Union, namely ARTISAN, SESES and SET. As of 2015 the EM2M campaign shall intensify promotion on energy efficiency in the manufacturing of textiles. New synergies will be pursued as Euratex is particularly interested in collaborating with the European Technology Platform for Textile, the Blue Competence initiative launched by the Germany machinery association Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagebau e.V. (VDMA), and with the Sustainable Technologies project launched by the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers (ACIMIT).


By Mauro Scalia for Melliand International

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