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Textile, woodworking and furniture industries: the sky is clearing up, but one swallow doesn’t make a summer

As a result of the annual General Assembly on Thursday 23 April in Ghent, Fedustria, the Belgian association for companies of the textile, woodworking and furniture industries, takes stock of the past year, with indications for 2015 and policy recommendations.

In 2014 sales in the textile industry rose by 4.4 %, sales in the furniture industry rose by 4.2 % and those in the wood industry rose by 2.1 %. Employment remained relatively steady, with only a slight fall. At the end of 2014 the sky cleared up, with a cheaper Euro and a fall in oil prices at zero inflation.

But in spite of this ‘good news’ the number of orders barely increased at the beginning of 2015. Nevertheless, Fedustria expects a further growth of production and sales in 2015, albeit not a spectacular one.  Furthermore, the Belgian competitiveness compared to that of the neighbouring countries/foreign countries remains detrimental......


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