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More digitally connected companies with eBIZ

In May 2015, the European Commission launched the Digital Market Strategy which includes digitalising European industry, standards and interoperability. European top officials recognise the importance of digital data exchange enabling effective communication or traceability along the supply chain, from raw material to point of sale. eBIZ is the European initiative for the use and greater interoperability of digital communication in the fashion supply chain; some 400 companies have already gained from it.


Launched in 2008, eBIZ is a public-private initiative enabling companies to...[read more]


4th EURATEX Convention devoted to sustainable innovation

The event was held on 18 November in Milan, Italy[read more]


Klaus Huneke spoke on behalf of Euratex at Tripartite Social Summit

Tripartite Social Summit focused on jobs, growth and convergence in Europe took place on 15 October in Brussels with participation of Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission. Mr Klaus Huneke, Euratex Vice-President Treasurer, spoke on behalf of the textile and clothing industry.



As you know, the textile and clothing (TC) sector is one of the largest consumer goods sectors in the world and the EU TC industry is a leader in world markets. The EU exports to the rest of the world represent more than 30% of the world market while the EU Single...[read more]


Made in Europe: Driven by businesses or policies?

Opinion article for EurActiv by Serge Piolat, EURATEX President


The European Commission’s call to revive the European industry in order to boost economic growth and competitiveness was affirmed by the Junker Commission’s ten priorities as ‘strengthened industrial base’. Taking an example of textiles and fashion, is the EU a good place for manufacturing?


Like many other European manufacturing sectors, the production of textile and clothing goods was significantly offshored to the low-cost countries in the 1990s. At the same time, many entrepreneurs took effective measures...[read more]



A new report of the OHMI on the economic cost of IPR infringement in the clothing, footwear and accessory sector reveals that annually the industry loses more than €26 billion of revenue which leads to approximately 500.000 jobs lost.


For many years now, the textile and clothing industry represented by EURATEX, the European Apparel and Textile Confederation, alerts the EU institutions and the national authorities about the disastrous consequences of counterfeiting and piracy for our industry and for the whole European economy. The report of the Office for Harmonization in the...[read more]


Innovation for textile recycling in France

Every company that brings clothing, household linen and footwear items to the French market, must either set its own internal collecting and recycling program accredited by the French Public Authorities or use service of Eco TLC to provide it for them. Eco TLC is the only organisation accredited by the French public authorities to comply with the European environmental standards regarding sustainable waste management. It covers clothing, household linen and footwear (TLC in French) producers, distributors or importers. This is a non-for-profit private company directed by a board of...[read more]


Commissioner Bieńkowska Heads the First Forum on Fashion & High-End Industries

Participating in the high-level Forum on the fashion and high-end industries led by the Commissioner Bieńkowska, EURATEX underlined the importance of support to SMEs’ internationalisation and access to innovation funding. 


In December 2013, an Action Plan for fashion and high-end industries was adopted to set out concrete actions to strengthen the competiveness of the European fashion and high-end industries. The Action Plan also established a multi-stakeholder Forum aimed at monitoring the implementation of Plan’s actions and outlining the future developments. 


On...[read more]

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