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Energy Made-to-Measure

Busto Arsozio, Italy

14 March 2014


Participants: 30


Project: SESEC


Memorable quote: “We need a big picture: pushed by commercial incentives, we realised that we were considering only one aspect at the time.”



Teaser: “…you waste so much energy that it makes me think it is too cheap for your company!” - Energy Auditor


The Energy Made-to-Measure event was organised by Centrocot, EURATEX and ENEA with the support of Sistema Moda Italia and Unione degli Industriali of Provincia di Varese in Busto Arsizio, Italy. The informative plenary meeting was followed by the training part reserved for a limited number of companies from different productive sectors of textile and clothing.


Samuele Branchetti from ENEA run a hands-on demonstration of the three self-assessment tools (ESS) developed during SESEC and ARTISAN projects. The SESEC tool, ESS, was in particular delivered to the participants in a flash memory to better support evaluation of the most effective energy saving practices. The ESS tool is a free of charge software that enables identifying possible actions to improve company efficiency priorities and indicate the degree of potential savings.


Agenda (in Italian)


Read more (in Italian)