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Dornbirn Man-Made Fibers Congress

Dornbirn, Austria

10 September 2014


Participants: 700

Project: SESEC


The Dornbirn Man-Made Fibers Congress is positioned as the leading world platform for the presentation of fiber innovations with industrial relevance. The congress promotes the dialogue within the textile chain between fiber producers, machine- and auxiliaries suppliers, textile and nonwoven producers, processors and users until the retail level. It encourages cooperation in research and development work between industry, universities and associations and promotes the exchange of know-how about new technological developments for the processing and use of man-made fibers.


EURATEX presented its initiative Energy Made-to-Measure at the 53rd edition of the Man-Made fiber congress attended by over 700 representatives. 


Energy Made-to-Measure campaign, Mauro Scalia, Project Manager


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