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Energy Made-to-Measure

Prato, Italy

5 March 2014


Participants: 35

Project: ARTISAN




The Polo della Moda OTIR2020 sets up an energy sustainability awareness initiative. In particular the organization promotes actions to remove the main causes of energy expenditure in long production cycles. To achieve this goal OTIR2020 joined the European campaign "Energy Made-to-Measure" launched by EURATEX and ENEA together with the Italian and other European partners. On 5 March 2014, OTIR2020 together with ENEA, Next Technology Tecnotessile, Provincia di Prato and Camera di Commercio di Prato hosted one of the campaign’s events in Prato, Italy.  


The informative part of the event was devoted to the importance of energy efficiency in the manufacturing industry. It was followed by the round table discussion and the practical demonstration of the ESS tool. The tool allows identifying the possible actions to improve energy efficiency of textile and clothing companies.


During the debate major importance was given first of all to the difficulties faced by SMEs to move from a do-it-yourself and occasional approach on energy efficiency up to a more systemic and structured one. Other themes included: how to deal with bureaucracy and how energy consumption is perceived. The latter point refer to companies understanding the energy bill (the invoiced cost) but often without knowing exactly where energy is consumed, or worse the consumption details do not correspond to reality. 


Agenda (in Italian) 


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