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SESEC Conference

Brussels, Belgium

17 September 2014


Participants: 50

Project: SESEC


The SESEC Conference in Brussels will give an insight on the next policy developments on Energy Efficiency, the energy cost evolutions and ready-to-use project results for the textile and clothing industry. At the opening session key notes will be delivered by the European Commission Unit for Energy Efficiency and the prominent Brussels based think-tank CEPS.


Energy efficiency in clothing manufacturing is supported in eight EU Member States by the SESEC project which comes to a contractual end in September 2014. The project partners will present the SESEC’s impact and key results.  The new project SET will take up the SESEC legacy, addressing energy saving measures for the textile manufacturers and it will seek to support over 150 European companies until 2016. The event is part of the Energy Made-to-Measure information campaign promoted by EURATEX.


More details in Agenda and Press Release, 19 September





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SESEC video was presented at the conference




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