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Energy Made-to-Measure

Wevelgem, Belgium

June 2014


Project: SESEC


BMS is a leading supplier of manufacturing execution systems (MES) for textile manufacturing. As option in its MES suite, the module EnergyMaster maps the energy consumption in the plant (electricity, gas, steam, water, compressed air, etc.). The integration of these energy parameters with other MES applications, such as scheduling and machine monitoring, provides a perfect insight in the relation between energy consumption and production.


The dissemination and promotion of the SESEC tools and modules is being entrusted to the BMS sales team and agents, targeting a door-to-door promotion to many textile companies in Europe.  With BMS’s focus on the complete textile production process, the SESEC results are being carried beyond its original scope of textile clothing manufacturing.  Its success is not a surprise, as all textile plants are faced with similar energy challenges, e.g. efficient use of compressed air, electricity and production output efficiency.