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SET Final Report - TIME for Energy Efficiency in Textile SMEs




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Why the SET project and what has SET delivered 

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The Save Energy in Textile SMEs (SET) project is launched to enable European textile SMEs to improve their energy efficiency, hence to achieve measurable economic and resource-efficiency results.


This project is a part of Energy Made-to-Measure campaign – an initiative to empower over 300 textile & clothing companies, notably SMEs, to become more energy efficient.


With SET, the company manager or a staff member can find, free of charge, tools to evaluate options and take informed decisions about energy efficiency, including:

• Information on the legal obligations and financial incentives at national and EU levels

• SET Scheme - the self-assessment tool specific for textile manufacturing processes

• the self-assessment tools specific for clothing manufacturing (SESEC project)

• Cross-cutting measures and best practice examples from the industry


Access the tools in your language:


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It can take as little as two hours to learn how textile companies can benefit from energy efficiency. Meeting with SET teams in one of the ten addressed countries, managers of textile companies will get information and assistance to seize their company’s energy efficiency potential. Meetings can take place withing a langer textile-related event or ad-hoc SET event.


Meet us in:  

-  Krakow, Poland; 27-28 April 2015 - EuroMed Conference

- Ghent, Belgium; 4 September 2015 - European Coating Congress

- Piatra Neamt, Romania; 18 September 2015 - SET event

Ghent, Belgium; 24 September 2015 - Energiebeheerssysteem (VME)

Frankfurt, Germany; 30 September 2015 - SET event

- Brussels, Belgium; 28 October 2015 - Sustainability in European Textiles & Clothing

- Milan, Italy; 18 November 2015 - the SET project at ITMA

- Porto, Portugal; 21 January 2016 - SET event

Legnano, Italy; 3 February 2016 - Technological innovation for competitiveness: The ENEA’s Atlas

- Ghent, Belgium; 18 February 2016 - SET event

- Biella, Italy; 23 March 2016 - SET presented to companies

- Varese, Italy 28 April 2016 - Efficency Day Univa (Unione industriali Varese)

- Como, Italy; 4 May 2016 – SET workshop organised with Unindustria Como 

- Kaunas, Lithuania; 6 May 2016 - SET event

- Budapest, Hungary; 12 May 2016 - SET conference

- Zagreb, Croatia; 24 May 2016 - SET workshop for companies

- Brussels, Belgium; 15 June 2016 - EU Sustainable Energy Week

- Pleven, Bulgaria; 17 June 2016 - SET event

- Prato, Italy; 20 June 2016 – SET workshop organised with Confindustria Toscana Nord

- Giurgiu, Romania; 20 July 2016 - SET event

- Lyon, France; 2 September 2016 - SET event

Paris, France; 14 September 2016 - SET at Smart Square of Prémiére Vision

Find more SET-Tool application in training sessions across Europe


Check the previous Energy Made-to-Measure events in nine countries here


The SET project targets the whole European textile industry - a major sector for European manufacturing (172.000 companies) employment (1.6 Million employees) and innovation (€162 Billion turnover). SET starts in seven countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Romania which counts for 55% of the whole EU textile companies. In a second phase the project will also support companies in other European countries with significant amount of textile SMEs, notably Bulgaria, Lithuania and Croatia.  

The SET Scheme includes an overview of the existing and upcoming legal aspects of energy efficiency, which are relevant for textile companies. It covers guidelines and legal requirements which aim at improving energy efficiency and are necessary to comply with at national and EU level. Special attention is paid to energy procurement, production processes and energy infrastructure.


An overview of the current and upcoming options to support textile companies’ investments in energy efficiency is also offered for companies. It provides consideration about how chosen or required investments can be financially supported. The support measures taken into consideration include private or public incentives, grants, support schemes and loans relevant to help companies’ own investments in energy efficiency. Click here to find in your language.

Twelve motivated partners from Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Lithuania have teamed up under the SET project to combine their complimentary competences and business networks to achieve this crucial objective which both responds to the needs of textile SMEs – their clients or members. The SET Advisory Board includes VDMA and ACIMIT representatives. 

More about partners

 Energy Made-to-Measure Group on LinkedIn 

@Euratex_eu on Twitter

SET & Energy Made-to-Measure in press

SET flyer: Time for Energy Efficiency (EN) - FR, BEBG, DE, CZ, HUHR, ITLT, ROPT 

SET Presentation

Overview of financial incentives to support textile companies’ investments in energy efficiency

Overview of legal aspects of energy efficiency in the textile industry

Details of legal aspects of energy efficiency in the textile industry in 9 EU countries

Textile production processes & energy efficiency measures 

Report on final benchmarks 

Report on Data collected of planned energy saving measures


Collaboration with SET: Mauro Scalia mauro.scalia(at)