Alliance For a Competitive European Industry (ACEI)

ACEA European Automobile Manufacturers Association
BUSINESSEUROPE The Confederation of European Business
CEFIC European Chemical Industry Council
CEMBUREAU European Cement Association
CEPI Confederation of European Paper Industries
EURATEX European Apparel and Textile Organisation
EURELECTRIC Union of the Electricity Industry
EUROFER European Confederation of Iron and Steel Industries
EUROMETAUX European Association of Metals
EUROPIA European Oil Refining and Marketing Industry
FoodDrinkEurope European Food and Drink Industry
ORGALIME European Engineering Industries Association

The goals of the Alliance are:

  • To promote the competitiveness of European industry on a global scale
  • To contribute to the implementation of the ‘Lisbon Strategy’
  • To provide input into relevant upcoming EU legislative proposals
  • To reinforce the work of BUSINESSEUROPE by adding the voice of sectoral industry associations

Alliance members’ organisations represent industry sectors which are essential to the European economy:

  • 6,000 large companies
  • 1.7 million SMEs
  • Combined turnover of nearly €5,000 billion
  • Generating €1,300 billion added-value
  • Employing some 23 million EU citizens.

The Council of the Alliance consists of the Executive Managers of the Members:

  • Koen Coppenholle, Alliance Chairman and Chief Executive of CEMBUREAU
  • Markus J. Beyrer, Alliance Co-Chairman and Director General of BusinessEurope