EURATEX position paper on the revision of the GSP

EURATEX issued a position paper on the revision of the Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP). EURATEX believes that the scheme should be simple to apply, predictable and encourage exports diversification. EURATEX advocates for a series of changes to be considered in the forthcoming revision: ·        Trade policies can encourage countries in respecting human, social and…
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The European Textile, Clothing, Leather, and Footwear (TCLF) industries are major players of the European Union’s economy, encompassing 200,000 companies, generating over 200 billion Euros turnover, and employing nearly 2 million people in 2019. They are part of the interlinked value chains of fashion and high-end industries, making the EU the world leader in creativity…
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The European textile and clothing industry presents its strategy for the future

European textiles and clothing companies proved to be essential to managing COVID-19 pandemic. A great number converted to or increased the production of PPE. This strategic role though goes beyond the past events, as, without textile materials, we cannot build cars, clothes, machines or buildings. The last months highlighted then the necessity for the whole…
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Prospering in the circular economy

The world population is growing, with approximately 1 billion people every generation. While conscious and responsible consumption by people, states, or industries may delay resource exhaustion, there is a need to find and agree on new ways for making, using, and disposing products such as textiles. A successful EU Textile strategy for Circular Economy is…
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EURATEX Position Paper on Traceability

EURATEX pursues the smooth exchange of information along the global textile and apparel value chain and, in cooperation with its Members, engages in strategic actions which can coordinate and accelerate the uptake of suitable traceability solutions to address societal and business needs of today and of tomorrow.

Position Paper: EU-US dialogue on tariffs and regulatory cooperation on industrial goods

EURATEX welcomes the decision taken by Presidents Juncker and Trump to establish an EU/US dialogue on trade of industrial goods.

EURATEX Position Paper on the outcome of REACH REFIT

EURATEX welcomes the objective of REACH to protect human health and the environment and to promote innovation for companies. Since its entry into force almost 10 years ago, REACH has significantly impacted the European chemicals policy.