Key Industry Topics


The European textile and clothing (T&C) manufacturing industry has tremendous capacity for research and innovation, boasts a skilled workforce, and has reinvented itself through investment in people, creativity, advanced manufacturing technologies, market diversification and internationalization.

For this reason, the swift and determined support of the European institutions and the Member States is now required to create even more jobs and growth in Europe. To reach this scope, Together with over 140 industrial associations in the framework of the Industry4Europe coalition, EURATEX works towards the European institutions calling on the European Commission to adopt a long-term and an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy to tackle the challenges of the EU industry.

EURATEX seeks at maintaining this cooperation with the European institutions to discuss and implement a long-term European industry strategy that will help safeguard the world leader position of European manufacturers and jobs in Europe.

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Standardisation is a crucial field for European SMEs in view of the exponential growth of the European market and EURATEX plays a role establishing the right balance between high-quality, strong European standards and the industry’s needs.

EURATEX is particularly involved in the Standardisation work at CEN-CENELEC on Technical Committee 248 (Textiles and Textile products) which deals, among others, with Smart Textiles and the new Standardisation Mandate for Smart Garments that protect against heat and flame.


EURATEX strives for cost effectiveness and harmonization of the EU legal framework being in line with market and business needs to facilitate the development of new products and processes in the European market. EURATEX is therefore actively engaging with its counterparts to ensure the SMEs interests are represented in the European legislative process and closely monitors:

PPE Regulation: The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation (2016/425) applies as of April 2018 laying down requirements for the design and manufacture of PPE and harmonises health and safety requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in all Member States.

Textile Names Regulation: The Regulation (1007/2011) on Textile Fibre Names and related Labelling and Marking of the Fibre Composition of Textile Products applies as of May 2012 and harmonises the names of textile fibres and the indications appearing on labels, markings and documents which accompany textile products at the various stages of their production, processing and distribution.


The protection of Intellectual Properties Rights is pivotal to SMEs and EURATEX is engaged in pursuing continuous exchanges with the European Commission on IPR enforcement.

More than 90% of the T&C sector is composed by SMEs and frequently companies don’t have enough human resources to deal and implement IPR measures. Additionally, the use of IP systems is not typically seen by SMEs as a benefit but rather as a challenge, as they find its procedures very costly and they lack the necessary expertise. At EU level, EURATEX plays an important role in providing tailored information and resources in order to help companies to deal with IPR. Campaigns to raise awareness about the benefits of IP and improve knowledge about IP law is also of utmost importance for the sector.

EURATEX also seeks to monitor EU legislation on e-Commerce, a growing area of interest of T&C companies.