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Research & innovation

The European textile and clothing industry is a highly diversified, knowledge and creativity driven industrial sector. Companies are constantly increasing their efforts and investments in technological and non-technological innovation and a certain share of the industry engages regularly in applied research, often in collaboration with suppliers, customers and knowledge providers such research institutions and universities.


Euratex aims to support industry’s efforts in the field of research and innovation through a proactive work with EU institutions and policy makers to:

  • Create framework conditions conducive for industrial research and innovation activities in Europe;
  • Provide funding and other support mechanisms for collaborative research and innovation through European programmes such as the multi-annual Research and Innovation Framework Programmes;
  • Promote an image of an innovative forward-looking industrial sector of the future.


In cases of strategic interest, Euratex also leads or actively participates in joint actions and projects and it regularly supports the dissemination of collaborative research results to industry.


Europe disposes of a world-leading diversified textile research and higher education infrastructure, which Euratex seeks to nurture and valorise through intensified collaboration at European level and a better alignment with industry need and priorities. For this purpose the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing was created in 2004, whose secretariat is assumed by Euratex. It is the largest European textile research and innovation expert network with well over 700 members.



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