Sustainable Businesses

Sustainability: the new quality

More and more of the European sector companies chose sustainability in addition to their top-quality, to stand out in the global market.

Pushed by the companies’ values, the choice of sustainability meets both demands from responsible consumers and the European legal requirements, the most stringent in the world.

True sustainability comes with great efforts, costs, investments in knowledge, research and innovation and chiefly with collaboration along the whole value chain.

EURATEX works with its Members on Sustainable Businesses in:

Chemicals Policy: application of EU regulations REACH & CLP, BPR; level playing field

Circular Economy: opportunities in materials re-use, recycling, resources efficiency, waste management

Industrial emissions, energy and climate change: CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, defining Best Available Technologies (BREF)

Sustainable supply chains: due diligence, traceability, harmonise certifications, product environmental footprint