11th EURATEX Convention

Meet the textile & fashion industry

Textile & Fashion Forum Helsinki 2023 was a successful event. It gathered 250 participants from 15 countries and provided industry insights, interesting discussions and business cases from across Europe. This event really showcased industry’s innovative companies and their efforts to build a sustainable and resilient future. 

The event was organized by Finnish Textile & Fashion and EURATEX.

EURATEX General Assembly and ITMA 2023

A successful edition

EURATEX members and guests gathered in Milan on 7 June 2023 for the General Assembly. Organised together with Sistema Moda Italia, the meeting focussed on “Textiles 5.0: innovation, sustainability, people”. The meeting in Milan was also the occasion to strengthen links with textile machine manufacturers, gathering at ITMA 2023, the world’s largest textile machinery trade fair.

10th EURATEX Convention

Porto Convention

On 13 October 2022, EURATEX, together with ATP, gathered more then 200 participants at its annual convention.

This year’s theme was “Sustainability meets Competitiveness – How to square the circle“. 

CEOs, experts and researchers debated how our industry, in order to remain a leader in the global market, needs to develop a forward-looking business model reconciling competitiveness with sustainability. This requires a “smart” approach to legislation, the use of innovative technologies, and a changing consumer behaviour, together with strong global environmental and social commitments.

Different workshops looked at how companies can anticipate the new European regulatory framework, embrace innovation, and develop a business model where sustainability becomes a source of competitiveness and growth.

9th EURATEX Convention & 36th IAF World Fashion Convention


COVID-19 has shaken the foundations of the textiles, apparel and fashion industry. Global supply chains have been disrupted, retailers are restructuring their sourcing options, consumer behaviour is changing. At the same time, public authorities are introducing new environmental standards, and digitalisation is rapidly changing the nature of our business.


One full day of interactive sessions dedicated to the theme “A new Paradigm for the European Textiles and Clothing Industry”.


IAF convention will analyse through different panel sessions the theme “Transition of the Global Fashion System”.


We want to thank our sponsors and media platform that supported the event.


The event was a great success. More than 200 people came to Antwerp to actively participate in the conference and network with their pairs.