Innovation & Skills

The European Textile and Clothing Industry is a dynamic and highly diversified industrial sector. The use of specialized knowledge and sectorial skills are fundamental to meet the ever-changing needs of a large range of end markets.

Companies are constantly increasing their efforts and investments in technological and non-technological innovation. 
A large share of the industry also engages regularly in applied research, often in collaboration with suppliers, customers, and knowledge providers such as research institutions and universities.


A European Partnership for Textiles under Horizon Europe aims to facilitate the emergence and deployment of innovative and circular solutions, particularly in developing efficient raw and secondary raw materials and fostering talent generation..


In the domain of Research & Innovation, EURATEX supports the industry through proactive work with EU institutions and policy makers. Our main goals are:

•  Create the best conditions for industrial research and innovation activities in Europe;
•  Provide funding and other support mechanisms for collaborative research and innovation through European programmes;
•  Promote an innovative and forward-looking textile industrial sector of the future.

In the domain of Skills, EURATEX promotes a range of initiatives and policies to address the increasing challenge of attracting and retaining qualified talents for the EU textile and clothing industry. Our main goals are:

•  Support policies and initiatives to improve sectoral education and training at all qualification levels, including higher education in Europe;
•  Provide funding and other support mechanisms for collaborative projects across the full spectrum of sectoral education and training through European programmes such as ERASMUS+;
•  Promote the EU textile and clothing industry as an attractive employer providing high quality jobs and interesting career opportunities.

EURATEX also leads – or actively participates in – joint actions and projects, and regularly supports the dissemination of project results to the industry.