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Success stories

Reima - Finland

Reima’s wearable technology motivates kids to outdoor activities

The Finnish company Reima Oy is known for its functional clothes for kids which allows them playing outdoors in any weather. Now Reima introduces wearable technology to the kids’ outwear as the first company in the world.


Parents are worried about kids not moving enough, at the same time they are so attracted to video games and mobile devices. ReimaGO® is designed to motivate kids to move. ReimaGO® was developed in collaboration with Suunto and it is based on measuring movement and rewarding kids for being active. It is  a clever combination of functional outerwear, a wearable movement sensor and free mobile app.


“The game will reward kids for achieving their goals, and parents can even invent additional rewards. All this is done in a fun and inspiring way that is in unison with kids’ inherent playfulness”, says Elina Björklund, Reima’s CEO.


ReimaGO® sensors and the clothing collection will be offered to retailers globally in autumn 2016.



Contact: Riika Paakkunainen, Communications Manager, Reima Oy riika.paakkunainen(at) tel +358 50 322 8293

The Canepa group - Italy

The Canepa group sustainable saving thanks to SAVEtheWATER Kitotex®
The Canepa group is a world leader in high-end silk manufacturing also producing supreme quality textiles made from other natural fibres such as cashmere, wool, cotton and linen. The process of weaving, finishing and producing the finished garment is entirely carried out in Italy.
Canepa is particularly concerned about the future and the protection of the planet. Thus, through the research and development department CanepaEvolution, the Group has launched the ‘SAVEtheWATER- Kitotex’ project developed in Melpignano in the Province of Lecce together with Tessitura del Salento srl. Using non-toxic, biocompatible and biodegradable natural materials allowed reduction of water and energy consumption by 95% and enabled drastic elimination of pollutants.
In line with its commitment to sustainable fashion, Canepa was the first textile business worldwide to endorse the Greenpeace Detox campaign for a transparent fashion supply chain, free of toxic chemicals.
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Pure Waste Textiles - Finland

Pure Waste Textiles – when T-shirt saves water


Pure Waste Textiles makes 100% recycled yarns and fabrics from the textile waste from all over the globe. It produces jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies from recycled materials under its own brand. The company also provides other clothing manufacturers with its 100% recycled fabrics. 

Pure Waste Textiles was founded in 2013 as the owners realised a growing demand for ecological fabric solutions. The company puts great efforts to develop textile recycling and manufacturing supply chain with better process transparency and control. 

“Today we make jeans out of jeans’ waste and black t-shirts out of black t-shirts’ waste. We use only the same color waste so that we don’t need to color the material again,“ says Anders Bengs from Pure Waste Textiles. “The materials are shredded to fibers from which yarn is spun and then fabric is made from this yarn. We control the whole process.”

Maintaining the top quality in products made of recycled materials is a real challenge. Pure Waste Textiles thoroughly monitors its source materials and the recycling process to ensure the quality that meets high customers’ demands. 

Pure Waste Textiles currently has operations in Finland and India. Its products are already sold to over 250 companies and it has partners across the globe.

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Contact: Anders Bengs, anders(at)



Clothing+ Finland

Clothing+ bridges the gap between textiles and electronics


Clothing+ is a developer and manufacturer of textile-integrated wearable sensor solutions from Finland. In 1998, the company created the world’s first heart rate sensing shirt, and in 2002, it started mass-production of the first textile heart rate sensor strap. Today Clothing+ produces yearly millions of comfortable sensor products, and is one of the longest standing core wearable technology companies in the world.


Over the years Clothing+ has built an extensive global network of partners for technology, textiles and other materials. All products are tailor-made for specific custom needs. Clothing+ partners with customers to develop the prototypes ready for mass-production. Often it solves the customer’s problem with fit, comfort, signal clarity or general product quality. The company clientele includes top brands such as Adidas and Garmin in sports electronics, Salomon in sports underwear and Philips in medical.


One of the challenges of combining electronics and textiles is to match requirements in mass production. Clothing+ successfully runs a hybrid mass production of textile-integrated electronics. The company has built a unique eTextiles manufacturing facility and uses precision techniques such as laser cutting, ultrasonic welding, heat stacking and different kinds of lamination to achieve whatever targets in product performance or production volume the customers have set.


Clothing+ employs around 400 experts in product development, manufacturing, sales and administration and in 2014 it produced about 3 million sensor products.


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Contact: Mikko Malmivaara mikko.malmivaara(at)


Biocovers® - Belgium

Biocovers® - new solution for green public procurement


Biobased, biodegradable and compostable nonwovens, such as the Biocovers® products, are opening new opportunities for green public procurement. When oil-based plastic coverings are widely used in the gardening and landscapinge sector, unfortunately sustainable infrastructure works is an area that still receives little attention. Natural alternatives, such as jute and coir coverings are not widely applied due to a range of undesirable characteristics: they are heavy, difficult to handle, visually unappealing and have a too short life-time.


Biocovers® offer a perfect substitute for these conventional mulch and barrier fleeces. The life span of these innovative products is proven to be at least 3-5 years. When conventional polypropylene needs to be disposed of and incinerated, the biopolymers used to produce Biocovers® are 100% biobased and can be composted at the end of the life cycle.


Biocovers® received the support of the EU Life+ program under the acronym “Renew4GPP”. The basic objective of this project is to enhance green public procurement by demonstrating the ecological advantages of Biocovers® to municipal authorities. In more than 20 cities all over Europe, pilot sites are installed to demonstrate the main functions of the revolutionary nonwovens weed control and erosion and fertility mat.

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Naturtex - Hungary

Traditional production made innovative


Naturtex Co. Ltd., a Hungarian family-run company, was founded in 1989. It is mainly producing duvets and pillows filled with feather and down and other natural and synthetic fibers. The supply of Naturtex includes more than 700 different products.


Naturtex is the leading brand of bedding products in Hungary with market share of about 30%. The biggest part – about 80% - of its turnover, however, comes from export to more than 40 countries all over the world – Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Naturtex has three factories in Szeged, Hungary. The down factory is one of the biggest feather-processing mills in Central Europe. Here more than 1200 tons of feather and down are processed annually. At the most recent factory of Naturtex all machines are automatic and computer-controlled.


Since the company’s foundation, technology improved all steps of the production process from processing of raw material to finished goods. Special thermal water technology is used for washing and sterilizing of feather and down to assure the most efficient washing results with limited quantity of chemicals. The water returned to the environment becomes as clean as drinking water. The company has a special improved thermo-oil drying system and uses only feather coming from audited farms fully satisfying the criteria of the European Convention for the protection of animal kept for farming purpose.

Naturtex got the “Exporter of the Year 2013” award in Hungary.

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Alpex Protection - France

ALPEX - protection professional


Which company can dress up and protect Algerian policemen, New Zealand military, French postal workers, the European Ryder Cup team and firefighters from all countries? A small French firm in Saint-Chamond in the Loire region, called Alpex Protection.


This SME is the first in France to have developed the technology of laminating membranes for protective clothing and sportswear. Over the last 15 years, it has been successful with highly innovative products and a sound strategy of external acquisitions. It has conquered a sizeable part of the international market, attracted prestigious customers and attained third place in Europe for protective technical textiles. Today, to maintain its position in a highly competitive market the company keeps its course for innovation, notably through joint R&D projects.


"One of our recent developments is a patented nonflammable liner that is in composition of the clothing for firefighters. We have invented a special nonwoven fabric that is glued on a membrane. Today, it provides the best protection in terms of effectiveness, lightness and breathability," says Hervé Tiberghien, CEO of Alpex Protection.


With over 300 "to order" products developed each year for extremely demanding clients, Alpex claims innovation is a a fundumental part of its success. The firm now devotes 5% of its annual turnover to R&D.


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The Birth of Turkey’s Finest Cotton


SOKTAS is a specialist maker and supplier of cotton and cotton blended shirtings and more recently jacket and trouser fabrics that offers luxury at every level. Our customer focused set up allows us to meet your every need from design, quality, finish, exclusivity, usability, delivery deadlines and orders that range from minuscule to major. Our innovative research, development, design, presentation and archiving capabilities, with over 300,000 fabrics at our fingertips, keep our customers ahead of the industry and abreast of trends.


After four decades of producing the finest shirting fabrics, the introduction of a rare and noble variety of cotton ushers in a new era, the culmination of an extensive research and development project undertaken by SOKTAS in partnership with the Cotton Research Institute. A new super premium cotton yarn we use is made from a hybrid seed, grown on our own land. The Meander 71 cotton was co-developed with the Cotton Research Institute, has resulted in a strong, fine and silky fiber that rivals that of Egyptian Giza varieties which, until now, have been considered the only choice for exceptional shirtings.


The service we provide our customers is made possible by our control of the entire production chain from designing, spinning, yarn dyeing, weaving, dyeing and finishing. Development of original yarns and new blends is a priority, enabling us to offer customers world firsts in fabrics.


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An example of sustainable development

Balta was founded in 1964 and will be 50 this year. The Balta Group has grown into one of the leading producers of floor coverings in Europe with a consolidated turnover of more than 586 million Euros and with 95% of its products exported to over 100 countries throughout the world.

The Balta Group comprises: woven area rugs (Balta Rugs), wall-to-wall carpets, residential carpet tiles and needle felt  (Balta Broadloom and ITC), wall-to-wall carpet (Arc Edition®) and tiles (modulyss®) for commercial use and technical non-wovens (Captiqs®).

The Balta Group has 10 production sites worldwide, including two in Uşak Turkey, and a distribution center that services North America in Dalton, USA.

Carried by the efforts and energy of more than 3,300 employees, the Balta Group delivers a professional, customer-friendly approach by which it becomes a reliable partner for companies in many markets.

A unique market-orientated creativity, strongly enforced vertical integration and operational excellence at every level are the driving forces of the Balta Group’s strategy. Sustainable development across all of its activities is important for Balta, with one of the largest solar panel projects in the Benelux for the production of renewable energy evidence of activity towards a sustainable future. The Balta Group is striving towards further organic growth and positive acquisitions and it works hard on a daily basis to ensure it remains a strong and profitable company.


For more information: info(at)




Textile innovation Beyond Design


MARTINELLI GINETTO is the supplier of reference for high quality Made in Italy linens: annual sales of more than 9 million square metres of high quality wide width fabrics; clients worldwide including the most renowned producers, retailers and brands.

The company headquarters is located in Casnigo, near Bergamo, and it is one of the largest manufacturers in Val Gandino, the valley that has been one of the most important Italian textile production areas since medieval times.

The Martinelli family became active in the sector in the late nineteenth century but the textile activity started again in 1947 with a woolen blanket production line. In the nineteen eighties Martinelli Ginetto began jacquard production and very quickly conquered the world market with their production and distribution of precious linens, furnishing fabrics and household textiles.


Today the Martinelli Group has diversified enormously and has become a leader in different textile sectors:

• the production and finishing of jacquard and solid textiles in wide width for bed linens and home furnishings;
• the production of woolen yarn for high-quality rugs and carpeting;
• the production of chenille yarn for upholstery and home furnishings.


The strength of the Group's strategy lies in the entrepreneurial capability of combining verticalization in the manufacturing filiere with horizontalization in the product portfolio (i.e. besides textiles for household linens, the core business). Such strategy allows great independence and effectiveness of choices in terms of product quality and service efficiency.



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Innovation, flexibility and quick response


Founded in 1994, Kalinel is Bulgaria’s largest home textile producer and one of Europe’s major companies in this segment. Having started with only 19 employees twenty years ago, Kalinel employs currently more than 1000 people working on a production area of 22 000 m2.


Kalinel’s production portfolio includes a great variety of home textile products, such as pillows, decoration cushions, quilts, mattress protectors, mattress covers, polyester wadding for the furniture and clothing industries, bed sheets, table cloths, awnings, etc. Kalinel’s production capacities are distinguished for their high flexibility and ability to adapt to new product models and types to respond to the market’s growing diversity.


The production development, and the constant technology innovation, has led to a gradual market expansion of the company, within an export share of 95%, inside and outside Europe. Kalinel is looking forward to entering the post-crisis period with even broader production portfolio and new markets.


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Innovation, flexibility and quick response


TOP MAN Ltd. was founded in 2000. Top Man established itself as one of the major suit producers in southeastern Europe by gradually increasing its capacity and modernizing its production base and by adding to its product portfolio the production of overcoats and waistcoats. Responding to the latest market trends, Top Man started in the last years the production of made-to-measure orders, thus offering unique suits in a large variety of models. Among the strengths of Top Man are:

- the state-of-the art equipment and precise organization in the cutting, sewing and finishing department;

- the extremely short production lead-time offered to its clients, combined with the fast deliveries and storage facilities to service the clients and reduce impact of seasons’ sales;

- besides producing on CM and CMT basis for prominent labels, Top Man runs also its own brand “Richmart”, which stands for high-quality men’s wear in Bulgaria.


Constant development in production and in product portfolio in the last decade helped Top Man to broaden its sales across a large number of European countries. Top Man is currently opening its new factory building with a total production area of 20 000 m2, with state-of-the-art energy-efficient and technology solutions.


For more information: e-mail : sales(at)

Address: 15 “Treti Mart” blvd, Ruse 7004, Bulgaria -Tel.: +359 885 61 47 46



Textile is well-being

Created in 1847, Thuasne -with a turnover of 158 billion euros- represents a good example of medium size company. Thuasne is presently the European market leader for medical textile devices. Thuasne thanks to its scientific processes illustrates the good wheel innovation for the French and European innovation.

Two items, which have been recently developped , allow to understand the know-how and expertise set up by this French industrial family business:


Contact presse: contact(at)



A Sustainable Textile Innovation using PET

Innovation & Sustainability are essential responsibilities for world leading manufacturers. Therefore it’s no surprise that pioneering products are often created by Germany´s most important Innovation and Technology driven, medium-sized business enterprises.


The AUNDE Group is an excellent example for sustainable development, production and education. The company is an international manufacturer of premium automotive textiles, textile & leather seat covers, commercial vehicle seating systems and technical springs for leading global automotive manufacturers.


Some weeks ago AUNDE was presented with the “BMW Supplier Innovation Award 2013 for Sustainability”.

Peter Bolten, Director Development and sales - AUNDE, commented: “We created something very special!  A high-quality upholstery material produced from 100% recycled PET, using a special manufacturing process that takes recycling to the next level. 53 PET bottles are necessary to produce the textile for the seat cover.

This important Award highlights AUNDE’s commitment to Sustainability and Innovation.  Extraordinary products and highly motivated employees are key to our company culture, as we look forward together within the successful family owned Company:  further technical innovation is already in development!”


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The spell of acoustic fabrics

People who work at Création Baumann believe in the power of innovation since its foundation in 1886. No solution is so good as to leave no room for further improvement. No idea so far-fetched that it cannot be put into effect. Creation and the spirit of innovation need space and freedom to unfold. Jörg Baumann, the father of the present CEO Philippe Baumann, was aware of this when he discovered the potential of high quality printed fabrics back in the early 1960s. Over the years another key expertise was added: the function of textiles in an indoor space.


Acoustics and space quality

Perfect acoustics in the room is an issue in concert halls, but not only there. The quality of the interior space is a growing requirement and the spread of sound can be influenced by carpets and textiles. Here Création Baumann has led the way and arranged for the performance of its acoustics fabrics to be tested by engineers. The product quality, together with supporting technical evidence, convinced the NHN Green Factory in Seoul among others. Conservatories and concert halls such as the Sibelius Hall in Lahti or the Bruckner House in Linz enhance the quality of their sound with Création Baumann’s textiles.


Intelligent textiles for tomorrow

This was a research mission which occupied the development team for a number of years and only proved successful when an innovative fabric was launched on the market. We refer to lightweight blackout fabrics with a smooth drop. Création Baumann secured exclusive rights for several years to the innovative multifilament yarn and conquered the world market with its new “Dimmer” product.


An eye on the future and the constant search for new and better solutions are the inspiration, making innovation the driving force behind the business.


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