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EU Textile & Clothing TRADE EVOLUTION

During the 1st semester 2018, the EU T&C import evolution slipped back by -1.9% as compared with the same semester of the previous year, in particular in the clothing industry.  Imports coming from EU top-10 suppliers were all down, with the exception of Bangladesh, Cambodia and Tunisia. Imports from Vietnam remained stable. T&C imports from Myanmar jumped again (+46%), and ranks 15th, after South Korea. During the first semester 2018, Extra-EU exports expanded by +3.2% as compared with the same period of the previous year, thanks to considerable growths on the Chinese (+13%) and Swiss (+8%) markets. These robust dynamics were also attributable to good exports performances on other EU main markets: Russia (+2.7%), Turkey (+4.3%), Morocco (+3.6%) and Tunisia (+2.7%). On the other side, EU sales to the US, Hong Kong and Japan went slightly down.



NB: In the graph below, the % data represent the evolution based on the same period of the previous year, while sizes of the bubbles are determined by the values (in €). To enlarge the graph, click on the picture.