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EURATEX stands for a clear and predictable GSP regulation

Brussels, 15 September 2020 – EURATEX issued a position paper on the revision of the Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP). EURATEX believes that the scheme should be simple to apply, predictable and encourage exports diversification. EURATEX publishes a position paper on GSP regulation, where it advocates for a series of changes to be considered in…
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EURATEX welcomes the modernisation of the PEM convention

Brussels, 26 August 2020 – The “PanEuroMed” (covering 24 partner countries in the EU’s neighbourhood region) is an important region for the EU, as trade with these countries accounted for €677 billion in 2019. For the EU textile and clothing sector, the region represents 29% of its exports. EURATEX therefore welcomes the Commission proposal to…
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The European textile and clothing industry presents its strategy for the future

Brussels, 26 June 2020 – The European textile and clothing industry is ready to transform the crisis into an opportunity, and become more digital, sustainable and agile. Endorsed by the last General Assembly, the renewal will be driven by the “strategy for recovery from the COVID-19 era” together with five flagship initiatives in critical areas.…
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EURATEX enters in constructive dialogue with European Commission to develop recovery strategy for textile and apparel industry

Brussels 17 April 2020 – The European textiles and clothing sector needs urgent support, if it wants to remain a strategic pillar of the European economy. EURATEX President Alberto Paccanelli held a constructive dialogue with Commissioner Breton to develop quick and effective solutions. According to a recent survey among European textile and clothing companies, short…
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COVID-19 outbreak may cause a 50% drop in sales and production for the European textile and clothing sector

Brussels, 2 April 2020 – Recent Eurostat data show that the European textile and clothing manufacturing went through a difficult year in 2019, despite good retail sales and export performances. This trend will worsen in 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak. An ongoing EURATEX poll with its members shows that 80% of companies are already…
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EURATEX is contributing to a coordinated response to the COVID19 pandemic

As the impact of the corona crisis is growing, EURATEX calls for a stronger coordination and cooperation among the EU and its member states, and clear communication on the required safety measures. European textile companies are contributing to face the crisis. Textile and apparel businesses around Europe are facing hard times, as nearly every other…
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EU Circular Economy Action Plan: EURATEX stands ready with concrete and realistic proposals to move it forward.”

Brussels, 11 March 2020 – The European textiles and clothing sector cares about circularity of its products; for several years already, the industry is re-inventing itself to offer solutions that are workable and make a sustainable impact. That’s why EURATEX welcomes the new Circular Economy Action Plan, released by the European Commission today, as it…
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European Industries welcome an important industry focus from the European Commission

European Union, 11 March 2020 – Industry4Europe, a coalition of 154 sector Associations representing the diversity of the EU’s industrial base, is pleased to receive the publication by the European Commission of its much-awaited New Industrial Strategy for Europe. The European Commission has presented an EU Industrial Strategy that recognises industry as “central to Europe’s…
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The new EU Industrial Strategy: how do we get from principles to practice?

EURATEX welcomes the proposed new EU industrial strategy but reality checks and close monitoring of the implementation will be essential .

EURATEX presents preliminary proposals for a new Circular Economy Action Plan for Textiles

Welcoming Mr. Calleja Crespo, Director General of the European Commission DG Environment at the Board of Directors meeting today, EURATEX is pleased to anticipate preliminary proposals for a new Circular Economy Action Plan for the Textile value chains to ensure sustainable resource use and tackle urgent environment, social and economic challenges.