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EURATEX provides tools to European suppliers and manufacturers to find each other and facilitate the production of protective masks and gowns (PPE and surgical) in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The Coronavirus emergency has created an unprecedented global demand for protective garments, to be used by healthcare professionals, law enforcement personnel, workers in essential industry and service supply chains, and the population at large.

EURATEX on this page publishes a list of offers and requests for material, capacity or support to produce these goods (masks and gowns), and relevant information on the topic.

European companies are welcome to submit their own request/offer by filling the form below. Please note, requests will be edited on their relevance and updated regularly.

Submit your request/offer for materials and suppliers

Download List of Offers / Requests for materials and suppliers for masks
(Latest update – 25 May 2020 at 4:00 pm)

Download List of Offers / Requests for materials and suppliers for gowns
(Latest update – 25 May 2020 at 4:00 pm)

Uselful Information

Which masks exist?

Under normal circumstances, PPE masks and Surgical masks are put on the market. Check the details of these types.

How to make PPE and surgical masks?

While no “handbook” exists, products requirements are to be found in standard EN 14683 (Surgical Masks) and EN 149 (PPE masks). Companies can download for free through CEN members.

What are the national requirements for community masks?

Some countries defined the requirements for Community masks. EURATEX collected the specifications available and put them together in a simple table.

What are the faster procedures in the EU, introduced to speed up testing?

Based on EU Recommendation, it is now possible for authorities to test products.

Where can my company test a mask?

In addition to the main laboratories testing PPE and Surgical masks, 22 other centres or authorities are performing test (list updated on 27/04/2020).

FAQ on face masks production, requirements, testing and standards.

EURATEX publishes FAQ on face masks. They are the result of informative sessions between companies and experts.

What is the masks’ demand?

While countries issue their own tenders, the EU launches 2 actions to support Member States’ procurement and support stockpiling (19 March 2020).

Which gowns exist?

Gowns can be divided in two categories: surgical and coverall/gowns (personal protective equipment). Check the specifications.

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This initiative is carried out in coordination with our members, EDANA, ESF and the European Commission.