Types of masks

In this page you can find detailed information about types of masks for the COVID19 crisis.

PPE masks protect persons from outside agents. Products must be certified by laboratories as per requirements of the PPE Regulation (typically harmonised standard EN 149) with level minimum FFP2 or better FFP3.

Surgical masks primarily protect patients from the wearer. Products shall meet requirements of the Medical Device Directive/Regulation (typically standard EN14683) by auto-certification and upon testing.

Other masks are in these emergency circumstances being offered as well. These masks offer different degrees of protection depending on which materials are used and how they are made. These are usually intended for use by the population and are not meant to be used by healthcare workers. Public authorities should communicate clearly on the difference between these masks, and their level of protection.

You can find more information about facemasks also in “Face masks: not just anything will do“, courtesy of Centexbel.