FOV Fabrics produces washable gowns for other EU countries

FOV Fabrics is a Swedish company producing fabrics that range from sportwear to industrial textiles. They develop and manufacture also innovative fabrics for the medical sector, such as surgical drapes, gowns and clean air suits, used to minimise the spread of infective agent to and from patients operating wounds.

The range includes materials for protective garments in accordance to the EU norm EN 13795 and PPE products in accordance with EN 14126. The products are meant for doctors, nurses and other staff working in the healthcare industry. In addition, they produce anti-bacterial fabrics used to make patients’ clothing and hospital linen. All the fabrics are woven and washable.

When COVID-19 pandemic arose, FOV Fabrics decided to put their savoir-faire and production into the fight against the virus. They filled in the EURATEX matchmaking tool and have been contacted by more than 10 companies from Italy, Romania, Spain and France. Within few days from the submission of the form, some of these contacts developed into orders to produce gowns.