Green claims

The Green Claims proposal, published on 22 March 2023, sets requirements for companies to substantiate claims they make about the environmental performance of their products by using standard methods for quantifying them, aiming at making the claims reliable, comparable and verifiable across the EU.

EURATEX Position

EURATEX welcomes the objectives of the Green Claims proposal to provide a level playing field for businesses, tackle ‘green washing’ and help consumers to make informed decisions regarding the environmental impacts of products placed on the EU market. Many responsible EU companies are investing a great amount of financial and human resources in the green transition, and it is important to ensure a fair competition in the Single Market to support those efforts.


The European Parliament is currently debating its position on the proposed revision, following the publication of the joint IMCO-ENVI Committees’ Draft Report in October 2023.
While the Spanish Presidency of the EU Council did not prioritise the proposal, technical discussions may be initiated by the Belgian Presidency as of January 2024. Trilogues will begin only after the co-legislators agree their positions.