European Industry urges the European Commission to conclude the revised pan-Euro-Mediterranean Convention by the end of 2019

European Industry Associations representing a range of sectors wish to reiterate their support for negotiations on the revised pan-Euro-Mediterranean Convention (PEM Convention) and to see it adopted by the PEM Joint Committee at its next meeting on 27 November 2019.

The aim of the PEM Convention has been to establish a single legal instrument, bringing together all the rules covering preferential origin of goods traded in approximately 60 bilateral free trade agreements between the countries of the pan-Euro-Mediterranean area.

In this final phase of negotiations, we call on all involved to work for an ambitious, future-proof and more flexible set of rules of origin covering all parties to the convention.

The revised PEM Convention will benefit all countries involved by enabling European businesses to react more rapidly to changing economic realities and to strengthen and increase their supply chains in the region.