Mario Jorge Machado elected President of EURATEX

Brussels, 14 June 2024 – Portuguese textile entrepreneur, Mario Jorge Machado, has been elected President of EURATEX during its General Assembly on 14 June. The Assembly also nominated Alberto Paccanelli as Honorary President.

Mario Jorge Machado has an extensive career in textiles. Mario is currently a shareholder and director of “Adalberto Textile Solutions, S.A.”, where he applies advanced management practices to boost competitiveness and innovation.

He has been president of the Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal (ATP) since 2019, and he stands out for his strategic leadership in the textile and clothing sector, promoting innovation and sustainability. He represents ATP on the Board of CIP – Confederação Empresarial de Portugal and chairs CIP’s strategic council for the environment and sustainability.

With a degree in Production Polymer Engineering from the University of Minho, his expertise ranges from continuous process improvement to the development of B2B commercial teams and B2C business models. His vision encompasses operational excellence and the implementation of sustainable practices, contributing to the evolution of the textile industry.

On the day of his election, we asked Mario Jorge Machado what’s his vision for EURATEX. “The latest indicators show that European industry has lower growth rates than its competitors; this is something we have to reverse. Policy makers have to realise that the textile industry can not be a bargaining chip in global negotiations. We see what the United States is doing to support its industry, and we see what China is doing to support its industry. Europe has fallen behind in supporting its industry. My mandate at EURATEX will be to push for an effective and smart industrial strategy.

During the past term, the EU has issued many legislations on sustainability and circularity targeting the manufacturing industry. However, if we want this strategy to be successful, we need more focus on the consumers’ dimension. That’s why EURATEX has a very important role to play in lobbying for the legislative process to be carried out in accordance with the sector’s ability to adapt.”

The Assembly also nominated Alberto Paccanelli as Honorary President, recognising over a decade of commitment to EURATEX and the European textile industry.

In those 13 years of engagement, I have witnessed a dramatic change to our industry, which requires a strong and united voice in Brussels. In the past year we have been asking the European institutions to consider different demands:

  • Sustainability and competitiveness have to go hand in hand, with a realistic path of implementation.
  • Imported products must comply with the same rules applied to European made products. Reciprocity in market access is essential and has to be granted; tangible and non-tangible barriers in many interesting foreign markets, such as India, Mercosur and the US, should be dismantled.
  • Companies need funding to transform themselves towards drivers of sustainability and innovation.
  • Consumers must be honestly informed of product characteristics and traceability, to avoid green washing. Public authorities are also “consumers” of textile products (think of military uniforms); they should apply green public procurement, and not just look for the cheapest product on the market.

We have made good progress but there is more work to be done. I have full confidence in Mario Jorge to continue on this path.”

EURATEX General Assembly also elected 4 other members of the Presidency Team: Michael Kamm (ZWILLING Gruppe, Germany), Barbara Cimmino (Yamamay, Italy), Grégory Marchant (UTT, France) and Ismail Kolunsag (Cross Tekstil, Turkey). During the Assembly, EURATEX also welcomed new memberships from CEMATEX and Forschungskuratorium Textil e. V., and a partnership with Reju. (France).

From the left: Ismail Kolunsag, Barbara Cimmino, Mario Jorge Machado and Grégory Marchant.