ReHubs Europe: more to come!

Brussels, 14 July 2023 – On this day 1 year ago the McKinsey company published its white paper “Scaling textile recycling in Europe—turning waste into value” proving the environmental benefits and the annual 4.5 € Billions business case of investing in textile recycling in Europe.

Yesterday, EURATEX has signed before the notary the act launching ReHubs Europe, a new international non-profit association set to bring together the best in class of different industries as well as newcomers to make textile recycling in Europe a reality.

Sharing Brussels’ EURATEX offices, ReHubs Europe will support its members in investing in textile recycling capacity with the ambition of achieving 2.5 million of tons fiber-to fiber textile recycling by 2030; it will support its members to find partners, knowledge and funds.

This endeavour will also support the societal challenge of meaningfully collect, sort, reuse and recycle up to 7.5 million tons of textile waste generated every year, and which the new EU waste directive (published on 5 July) is set to establish in the EU through mandatory collection and EPR schemes.

Beyond its membership services, the association aims at spill over benefits with the wider industry and societal stakeholders by generating new knowledge on critical ad-hoc studies, and publishing an on-line dynamic European textile recycling Roadmap. This may guide companies and public authorities in Europe to monitor the progress of building the new recycling value chain and supporting growth of the whole sector.