PFHxA restriction under REACH

Due to their unique properties, such as oil, water, chemical repellence and protection against dangerous liquids, perfluorinated substances like perfluorohexanoic acid (PFHxA) are used for manufacturing specific products. The REACH restriction aims to reduce the emissions of PFHxA and minimise the exposure to the environment as it is very persistent and has a long-range transport potential. Discussions on the restriction are currently ongoing in the REACH Committee (composed of Member State experts).

EURATEX Position

• While supporting the aims of the restriction for everyday consumer applications, some specific textile applications need to use fluorinated substances, as there are no alternatives available
• Derogations are needed for areas where clear EU standards need to be met, for example on personal protective equipment (PPE), medical textiles, and PPE for armed forces
• Technical textiles, where water repellence in connection with oil, stain, biological, blood and chemicals repellence are needed to meet performance or safety standards should be also exempted