Product Environmental Footprint

EURATEX recognises the need for a harmonized method to evaluate the environmental performance of textile products and welcomes the European Commission’s efforts to develop such a method. It is important to ensure that at times of economic crisis and uncertainties, companies can use the PEF as an asset for their competitiveness, and that the PEF is not an additional burden. Companies shall be entitled to decide whether to make environmental claims, and therefore, the use of the PEF shall be voluntary.

For the industry to recognize and support the PEF method, EURATEX calls for improvements. EURATEX identifies several elements necessary to implement the full potential of the PEF methodology, as well as to break down the complexity of the term sustainability into individual, understandable and well-defined building blocks.


The testing phase of the PEFCR for apparel and footwear on real products by companies and development of the methodology will continue throughout 2023 and 2024.

More information is available on the PEFCR for apparel and footwear website.