The objective of the TeXDR project coordinated by EURATEX is to create a European network of national Social Dialogue experts aiming to spread best practices on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through National Social dialogue members, building capacity in EU Social Partners and in SMEs. This so called TeXDR Network will be composed by national Textile and Clothing Social partners trained on CSR. The main objective of the TeXDR Network will be to facilitate the adoption of CSR best practices by SMEs in 9 European countries, namely, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Denmark and Italy.

In addition, the members of the TeXDR network will actively support and enhance the use of the Risk Management Tool.

The stakeholders that are being engaged in the network include Textile and Clothing National Social Partners, SMEs, NGOs and organisations developing standards and certification schemes on CSR, IndustriAll Europe and EURATEX.

Project Duration: January 2018 – June 2019

EURATEX contact: iratxe.garcia@euratex.eu