A joint initiative for industrial upcycling of textile waste streams & circular materials

Unveiled in December 2020, EURATEX’ ReHubs initiative aims at establishing an integrated system based on 5 recycling hubs (ReHubs) within Europe, to upcycle textile waste and scale up industrially the collecting, sorting, processing and recycling of pre-consumer & postconsumer materials.

The initiative is coordinated by EURATEX, and managed at 3 levels:
– A ReHubs Task Force (TF) which gathers the national textiles and apparel associations, and focuses on the general strategy of the dossier.
– A Business Council (BC) which gathers companies that are committed to invest in the ReHubs initiative, and finance the Technical Economic Study.
– A Stakeholder Forum (SF) which gathers interested stakeholders, who wish to use or contribute to the ReHubs initiative.

The ReHubs Stakeholder Forum (SF)

Role, Composition & Organisation

The Stakeholder Forum (SF) provides a platform for potential users and stakeholders to be involved in the ReHubs developments. It enables stakeholders to learn about developments and to identify their role in the ReHubs. It also ensures transparency and creates critical mass for the initiative. The SF will receive regular updates on the initiative; virtual meetings will be organised every 4 months, or more often when required.

Companies, research organisations, authorities and other stakeholders which have an active interest to contribute or benefit from the initiative, are invited to join the SF.

Participation is free of charge.


Interested stakeholders should complete the on-line application form, explaining their organisation/activities and expressing their specific interest in the ReHubs initiative. They should also nominate a single contact person.

Applications can be submitted any time. They will be screened by EURATEX, as the ReHubs coordinator, on their relevance and motivation. EURATEX maintains the right to exclude applications which do not match the required profile.

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