Waste Shipment

The Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR) implements international commitments and sets out the EU rules on transporting waste within and outside the Union. It aims at environmental and human health protection and establishing greater legal clarity and harmonisation in the area of transboundary waste shipments. In 2020, the Commission launched the process of review of the Regulation and published in November 2021 a proposal for revision.

What EURATEX stands for:

• An effective support for the transition to circularity
• Facilitation of intra-EU movements of waste
• Improving the efficiency of procedures with an EU-wide electronic system
• Regulated EU exports of textile waste, depending on how environmentally sound the waste management is at destination
• Support for market surveillance against illegal shipments


The interinstitutional negotiations (trilogues) commenced in autumn 2023 and are still ongoing.