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Annual Reports

Euratex Annual Report - 2014

Although the textile and clothing activity lost some momentum towards the end of 2014, the positive performance in the first part of the year helped our industry activity to expand and could be seen in the positive trends in turnover and retail sales. The growth was being driven by exports outside Europe. For the fifth year in a row, our SMEs managed to increase their exports across the world, meeting the needs of fast-growing consumer markets. This has been achieved amid increasingly difficult market conditions of accessing those attractive markets. 

EURATEX goal for the years to...Read more


Euratex Annual Report - 2013

2013 was a consolidation year not only for the industry, which faced quite adverse and uncertain market conditions, but also for EURATEX who continued to implement the new strategy aimed at profiling the industry. The most visible effect of this redeployment was the launch at the end of May of the new logo and colours of EURATEX as well as the live start of the new website that should become the platform serving the industry together with the network set up by its members. The consolidation of EURATEX was also proven by the ability to find a joint position on the always controversial “origin”...Read more


Euratex Annual Report - 2012

2012 was a challenging year for the European industry as well as for EURATEX whoembarked in a re-focusing of its activities and profiling of the industry. One of the first tangible changesis the new EURATEX logo and the renovated EURATEX website that should become an engine for the wider dissemination of key EURATEX information for the companies of this industry. The other was the organisation, in November 2012, of the first EURATEX Convention in Istanbul, jointly organised with the Turkish Textile industry.Read more

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