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Annual Reports

Euratex Annual Report - 2018

A pencil is what we handed out to all our guests gathering at the last EURATEX General Assembly: it was made of textile waste by a German start-up company.This object was a small reminder of how many things one can make out of textile materials. More interestingly, it also served as a reminder of the unprecedented wave of young innovative textile and fashion companies that are currently emerging across Europe.

With pride, in the last few years we have witnessed a strong return of business confidence across the entire European textile and clothing industry. Over the last 5 years, the...Read more


Euratex Annual Report - 2017

Free and fair trade between key global trading partners.

 With this call I opened our General Assembly in June 2017, which showcased the EURATEX efforts towards an EU industrial policy supporting production and export of our sustainable products.

 Sustainability is a value for our society, driving choices in consumers, businesses and policy-makers, and has become the new quality for many of our companies. In addition to ensuring high quality standards, the textile and clothing entrepreneurs opt for more sustainable goods and production processes as a key factor for their...Read more


Euratex Annual Report - 2016

As the new President of EURATEX, I do believe that our industry should focus on three

clear areas:

. the importance of free and fair trade between key global trading partners

. the vital role of sustainability in the European textile and clothing industry

. the need to intensify market-driven applied research to defend Europe’s position

as an innovation leader in the global marketplace

Exports outside Europe are an important engine for growth in the EU textile and clothing industry since sales in third markets represent more than 26% of the yearly total turnover. Access to third markets...Read more

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