Working together with EU institutions and other European and international stakeholders, EURATEX focuses on clear priorities: an ambitious industrial policy, effective research, innovation and skills development, free and fair trade, and sustainable supply chains.

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EURATEX seeks at ensuring improved access to world markets for Textile and Clothing companies, as well as a cost-effective European regulatory framework allowing SMEs to maintain competitive advantage and a sound industrial base in Europe.


EURATEX works proactively with EU institutions and policy makers to support innovation, and promotes a range of initiatives to address the increasing challenge of attracting and retaining qualified human resources for the EU textile and clothing industry.


True sustainability comes with great efforts, costs, investments in knowledge, research and innovation, and collaboration along the whole value chain. EURATEX works with its Members on Sustainable Businesses in chemicals policy, circular economy, sustainable supply chains and industrial emissions.


Antwerp Convention shows: European Textiles and Apparel sector alive and kicking !

EURATEX 9th Convention was successfully conducted on 9 and 10 November in Antwerp, back-to-back with the 36th IAF World Fashion Convention. The event brought together, under Belgian ‘Covid Safe’ conditions,[…]

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Joint Statement On Enforcement Of EU Chemical Legislation Ahead Of The 2nd Meeting Of The High-Level Roundtable

Enforcement of EU chemicals safety and environmental legislation will play a central role in implementing the European Green Deal agenda and the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. No matter how ambitious[…]

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EURATEX releases its latest economic survey: European Textiles and Clothing industry coming out of the Covid19-crisis, but facing new challenges ahead.

Brussels, 11 October 2021 – Latest economic data confirm further recovery of the textile and clothing industry. This recovery may however be disrupted by the current supply chain and energy[…]

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Meet the companies that made and are making history. Whether it’s innovation, sustainability, diversity or quality, these stories contribute to the success of the industry and set us on the right path to success.

Flexibility, resilience and people: this is Textils Mora

Spain, 2 September 2021 – What makes a textile company innovative and competitive? Textils Mora agreed to unveil its recipe for success and to share with us some insights on[…]

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European Spinning Group

From old jeans fibers to high-end yarns Belgium, 26 August 2021 – European Spinning Group, a Belgian spinning mill, has been putting sustainability at the forefront for many years. Continuous[…]

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The future of jeans with COREVA technology

The inspiration for COREVA™ came from Alberto Candiani whilst he was shopping for salami cold cuts in his local delicatessen in Milan. Alberto Candiani was inspired by salami cold-cuts in[…]

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