EURATEX General Assembly

International experts present the challenges and possible solutions to tackle the issue of attracting young and skilled workforce in the textile and clothing sector

A new leadership team with an ambitious agenda

With the announcement of a new President and Director General, EURATEX prepares itself to promote and defend the European apparel and textile industry in the years to come.


The European Apparel and Textile Confederation (EURATEX)’s main objective is to create an environment within the European Union which is conducive to the manufacture of textile and clothing products.

European Textile and Clothing Sector consolidates satisfactory evolution in 2018

Technical Textiles continue their steady rise in the share of total EU textile production

The European industry and global leading fashion organisations begin the reshaping of the textile and apparel sector.

Simultaneously, a call for cooperation and new partnerships is launched from Frankfurt and Copenhagen, world’s leading meeting points for textile manufacturing and fashion.

EURATEX contribution to the EU-US call for proposals for regulatory cooperation activities

EURATEX welcomes the EU-US trade negotiations as a good opportunity for facilitating trade to the mutual benefit of European and American companies, in particular SMEs.

The ART-CHERIE project addressing the topic of digitalization in the Textile and Clothing sector

The final conference of the Erasmus + ART-CHERIE project was hosted by EURATEX on the 24th of April during the European Technology Platform (ETP) conference entitled “Circular, bio-based, digital – the keys to Europe’s textile future”.

EU and UK business: No deal Brexit is a no-win outcome that must be avoided

With less than 20 days left until Brexit, European businesses are calling for a no deal Brexit to be averted immediately to avoid major disruption of supply chains across all industries and to protect jobs.

EURATEX Position Paper on Traceability

EURATEX pursues the smooth exchange of information along the global textile and apparel value chain and, in cooperation with its Members, engages in strategic actions which can coordinate and accelerate the uptake of suitable traceability solutions to address societal and business needs of today and of tomorrow.

EURATEX Bulletin n°4/2018 reveals impact of BREXIT on the European Textile & Clothing sector and offers a forecast for 2019

The publication also includes EU consolidated changes, trade estimates, and basic structural data (production index, production prices, turnover, investments, household consumption, retail trade and consumer prices)