TINTEX TEXTILES: A specialist of responsible fabrics

TINTEX Textile is a world-leading manufacturer of knit fabrics and expert in dyeing, finishing, and coating processes.

The company was founded in 1998 with the aim of pushing the boundaries of conventional textile techniques and business relationships. Soon after its creation, TINTEX became a pioneer and specialist in the treatment of responsible fabrics, mainly Lyocell and other cellulosic fibres. The company converted its business model from service provider to fabric creator, and supplier, paving the way for numerous, long-lasting connections with reference brands in the sector.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility as opportunities

The focus on maximum quality, oriented performance and sustainable materials and practices earned TINTEX TEXTILES a spotlight in the textile and clothing industry. Which, ultimately, led to various awards and prizes in trade shows throughout the years. The company’s exclusively Innovation- dedicated staff is a major contributor to its recognition and confirming the long-held view that purposeful differentiation is the engine of success.

Despite becoming a necessity and a driving force in today’s world, Sustainability and Social Responsibility were not widely seen as business opportunities nearly two decades ago. It was the visionary approach to business and the core of values of the management that instigated the Naturally Advanced Evolution that is nowadays the motto of TINTEX. That step forward, breaking the norm, was a risky investment at the time, especially throughout some of the hardest years of the international market history, but proved to be the right one, confirmed by the wave of young savvy and conscious generations.

TINTEX’s journey has been built on developing technologies and materials to be used as key enablers to a more conscious and balanced fashion industry, centred on the people and their own decisions.” Ricardo Silva, CEO of TINTEX Textile

Moving forward

This shift in mentality – from big productions with low-quality materials to innovative products in tailored volumes – will affect the bulk of the European, as well as Portuguese textile industry and boost some companies and leave others behind. Moreover, retail customers and brands around the world starts realising that there are constantly new solutions to ever-increasing technical and ecological demands. From experience, TINTEX learned that Quality, Innovation and Sustainability are fundamental for added value and growth; they seamlessly influence the decision-making process towards a more competitive stance for the companies and leverage their position within the markets.

TINTEX’s most recent R&D projects, such as TEXBOOST, PICASSO, AWARE, TEXBION and TRUHUE, encompass the three key factors described earlier, enabling the creation of novelty materials through cutting-edge technology – in some cases developed by TINTEX itself –, while bolstering at the same time circularity. The resulting products are at the forefront of textile and material knowledge and are key to improve the everyday lives of users around the globe with minimal ecological impact.

Therefore, TINDEX’s success is not only due to its experience and expertise but by making a difference in tackling climate change. By amplifying and developing an eco-sustainable strategy through the whole production process, they are redefining what a responsible fabric could be. Not only to prepare for the future but already in this very present.

To check more about TINTEX and their products, visit the company website.