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Sustainable Supply Chains

EURATEX supports relevant business initiatives for due diligence and participates in the efforts of the European Institutions and international organisations, to improve sustainability and promote responsible business conducts in the European and global garment supply chain.


Fair and effective solutions to global issues can only be delivered by collaborating to build up on the achievements from successful voluntary initiatives, respecting the diversity along the value chain.


EURATEX works to enable effective voluntary traceability, facilitate transparency and consumer’s access to information which ultimately help people to choose sustainable products. 


OECD due diligence guidelines, a global reference framework 

EURATEX considerations on the EU flagship initiative on the garment sector

Initiative of United Nations - UNECE - for traceability for Sustainable Value Chains 

Product Environmental footprint 

A technical standard to exchange data with eBIZ

Helping companies self-assessing their CSR risk

The importance of Traceability